What are Physical and mental symptoms of anxiety

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Consequently, Anxiety and stress include physical, emotional, mental and psychological symptoms.

In which there are some common and major symptoms of anxiety and stress disorder:

Stress and anxiety have become a very normal part of our lives. Every person is suffering from this mental disorder, even a small child. Whenever any behavioral changes occur in the body it responds to stress like physically and emotionally. Stress and anxiety is the expression of our thoughts, our environment and to our body. It can be positive and negative. Positive stress motivates and alerts the mind and makes us ready to react to danger. If it is continuous and stays up to a long-term then it calls Chronic disease which leads to loss of productivity.

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There are certain symptoms that are commonly seen in many people, are a headache, chest pain, upset stomachs, panic attacks, depression, blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, and anxiety. However, anxiety in a person is a feeling of fear and nervousness. It is a natural human reaction that responds to stress. If a person is suffering from a regular episode of anxiety then it turns into a disorder called anxiety disorder. While this disorder is a strong response to a stressful life.

Physical symptoms include :

  • A Headache
  • muscle tension
  • sweating
  • fast heartbeat
  • trouble sleeping
  • stomachache
  • rapid breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhoea

Mental or emotional symptoms include :

  • panic or nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • depression
  • chronic anxiety
  • Impulsive actions
  • changes in mood

If a person is suffering from a long-term anxiety disorder, then it may also include symptoms of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Although it includes panic attacks and depression.

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