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Insomnia is a problem that affects a large number of the population in the world. There are a countless number of people complaining about their inability to fall asleep. Some may find it difficult to fall asleep at night, while others may sleep on time but wake up feeling tired and groggy. The effects of Insomnia can be both acute that last up to a few weeks, as well as chronic, which occurs for a month or longer.  It is, therefore, a good idea to buy Zopiclone online UK to treat insomnia.

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There are two types of Insomnia, Acute, and Chronic. If you want to treat Insomnia effectively, you can Buy Zopiclone online UK.

What is Acute Insomnia?

This type of insomnia is brief and lasts for less than three months. Usually, medical treatment is not required for this type of insomnia. However, if you are feeling your daily activities getting affected by this insomnia, you can Buy Zopiclone UK Online.

There can be several causes of Acute insomnia. Some of the causes are as below:

  1. Life stress such as the death of a loved one, job change, etc.
  2. Noise or extreme temperatures.
  3. Certain types of medications.
  4. Overeating
  5. Unhealthy sleeping habits
  6. Changes in normal sleep schedules due to jet lag or shifts in job timings from day tonight.

What is Chronic Insomnia?

Chronic insomnia lasts for months and even years. This type of insomnia causes medical and psychological issues and needs to be treated for smoother daily functioning.

The causes of chronic insomnia are slightly more serious than the causes of acute insomnia. The causes include:

  1. Depression.
  2. Anxiety.
  3. Chronic stress.
  4. Pain or discomfort at night.


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